Harm OCD

This type of OCD can be categorised under what is commonly termed Pure 'O' which means purely obsessive with no overt accompanying compulsions. This however is a much mistaken description. If you have pure ‘O’ you will definitely have compulsions. These compulsions would typically manifest as avoidance, reassurance seeking, checking and rumination. The compulsions are largely covert and can stay hidden from people as they are manifested in the head , but are equally if not more disturbing as there is no way of switching them off as they remain in the mind.

OCD has a way of making the absurd seem horrifically feasible. OCD by its very nature will disturb and make you doubt the things you value and care deeply about. So in terms of experiencing Harm OCD it is typical for a loving, kind and peaceful person to have thoughts, ideas, images and urges that are abhorrent and objectionable to them. For example: Someone who cares for people may have intrusions about murder, rape or causing physical actual harm to somebody innocent. A person with harm OCD who loves children could experience intrusive thoughts, ideas, images and urges of a paedophilia nature. A loving mother could have intrusions about harming her precious child and doing something that she would consider unlawful and insane.

The list is endless and can come in many forms or guises. But what is similar is the process of the intrusions and how that they deeply upset the person having them. People with OCD absolutely get no pleasure from these intrusions and will do everything in their power to prevent them from happening. Hence the compulsion. For example: Avoiding all contact with children, checking the internet, media and asking for reassurance that they haven't committed a crime. Mentally recalling a past memory to check that nothing inappropriate has happened. Asking loved ones and peers if they have inadvertently done anything inappropriate whilst in their company.

The list of Harm OCD is as wide and varied as your imagination will take it. What is crucial to remember is, although you anxious OCD brain is delivering these horrific and weird ideas they do not have any bearing on you as a person. It’s your OCD condition not YOU!