"Karen gave me a completely different outlook to OCD that I had never thought of before. Within hours I was using her techniques to make small changes…and it was working"

OCD Therapy Clinic

OCD in Young Adults and Children

OCD can develop at any age. If you have a family history of OCD or any other anxiety disorders it is a good idea to be vigilant around your child’s unusual behavior. It may not be just a phase they are going through or naughty behavior. Younger children may find it hard to articulate their thoughts and feelings around their urges and behavior. Older children may feel embarrassed and try to hide their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and become withdrawn and or argumentative. However generally the parents will know something is up as their child becomes more reliant on reassurance and they develop abnormal ritualistic routines.

Here are a few early signs that your child may be suffering from OCD:

  • A constant need for reassurance that their fear won't happen.
  • A fixation around potential harm or illness happening to them and or their loved ones.
  • Abnormal routines such as over the top showering, toilet behaviors and hand washing.
  • Rearranging, order, symmetry and hoarding rituals.
  • Fears and worries around harm and sex.
  • Fears of sexual orientation and pedophile worries.
  • Avoidance of places.
  • Counting, praying and chanting safe words.

The subject matter of OCD is endless. However to be sure your child has OCD it is always best to talk to an expert regarding your observations and concerns.

Here’s the good news, children tend to respond really well to cognitive and behavioral change in therapy. However like anything the sooner they make the change the better the outcome. It is really important that the child trust and likes the therapist and they are willing to practice ERP.

I highly advise either one or both parents become involved in the therapy process. This will support further understanding and guidelines on how they should respond to the child’s behavior.

"I have suffered from OCD for around 3 years. At its worst it was diagnosed severe. But after getting therapy from Karen I have been doing really well in fact so well I have nearly got rid of it Karen Buckingham really gets into your head and helps you think what is happening, what you are doing and that you need to STOP!"

" I had OCD but with the support of Karen I have almost got rid of it. It might still be there a little bit but there will always be a little left in your soul, but if I didn't have someone like Karen I would still have OCD and it would be A LOT WORSE!"
Emma (Client)

"Karen taught us techniques of how to confront it rationally. Most of all she gave us support and in doing so gave us the confidence that enabled us to break out of the cycle that OCD had trapped us in. Our son's recovery has been remarkably quick and if we do have the occasional blip we revert back to Karen's techniques."
Mrs P (Parent)

"Knowledge is power and Karen is extremely keen to share her knowledge and self-experience in order to empower you. Our daughter is back to her old self now thanks to Karen."
Richard and Anne (Parents)

"Don't think therapy is easy you have to trust Karen and deal with the issue yourself however; her true honest and professional skills will get you through something that is ruining your life. Our daughter responded to therapy very quickly and using the tools and guidance provided by Karen we were thrilled to see our daughter beginning to enjoy and cope with everyday issues in a much more “normal” manner."
Karen (Parent)