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The OCD Therapy Clinic will continue to run the successful intensive programmes at 'Windsmeet' which is my private residence and has been met favourably with former clients. It is private, confidential and you won't be interrupted. It is totally different from a hospital or inpatient concern. It is friendly and informal which helps to calm clients plus, it’s the closest we can get to a domestic situation to practice ERP behaviours. I already have my established private consultation room here along with my office with files, books etc. which makes it very convenient. There is plenty of off road parking for your convenience and a 5 minute drive into the town of Tiverton.

"Because Karen uses her own home as a therapy centre, her treatment is as close to home therapy as you can get. In fact, as many sufferers cannot have people enter their houses this is a really good solution. For instance, if you have contamination OCD, you may need help with cutting down shower times, doing your washing without constantly checking the suds level and then putting it in the dryer without doing countless checks, touching raw meat without have to wash over and over or simply hugging strangers. If you have harm OCD you many need help with thoughts which arise when touching knives or driving cars etc. Knowing that you can face these thoughts and fears and successfully sit out the fear makes it easier when you go home to practice."

‘Windsmeet’ resides on the outskirts of Tiverton. Situated in an idyllic spot just a 2 minute walk to the Grand Western Canal, Country Park.

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OCD Therapy Clinic

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OCD Therapy Clinic
Tiverton is just 10 minutes from junction 27 of the M5
OCD Therapy Clinic
Tiverton Parkway railway station is 10 minutes from the clinic via taxi.
OCD Therapy Clinic
The nearest airport is Exeter approx 30 minutes from Tiverton.

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