"Dear Karen, You really have helped me alot in understanding about myself and my life!Your approach filled me with confidence and enthusiasm and I definitely think you have an ability to connect with the client that not everyone has. Well done for putting it to such good use!" (Jack)

"Truly, the 5-day programme is an eye-opening, life changing experience." (Damien)

OCD Therapy Clinic


Please note these are genuine testimonials.

My time with Karen helped me hugely. Before our therapy, I was struggling to cope with my day to day life, and my mental health was declining rapidly. Following our sessions, it was as though I was a completely changed person, I have now more control over my life and have been given coping strategies to help if the OCD ever tries to creep back in again. Thank you very much for all of your help, it has changed my life for the better!’

Hi Karen,
I wanted to message you to thank you.
I have been home for 2 weeks now after having a four day programme with you for therapy for OCD.
The change in my attitude towards the illness is amazing, I always thought it was my mind but you taught me that it was an illness. The simplicity that you made me realize I could overcome it was unprecedented, previous therapists never made me understand like you did. I am now almost OCD free, with a bit more commitment through how you taught me i am improving further and considering before i saw you i could barely function.
On behalf of my family, friends and everybody who knows how much better I am I would like to thank you.
My boy's are so pleased to have dad back.
Thank you so much I can not speak anymore highly of your therapy it's changed my life.


"I was a little overwhelmed when my daughter was first diagnosed with OCD. Knowing very little about it I took to the internet and was so pleased when I came across Karen's website and finding out that she was local to me. My daughter had been feeling very isolated, saying that no-one understood as we didn't have OCD, so the fact that Karen had it, and was able to overcome hers was the icing on the cake for us, as I knew my daughter would relate to her. The therapy was undertaken in Karen's gorgeous home, with her lovely little dog Bertie, so the whole experience was relaxed from the start. Karen is very welcoming and assesses the amount of therapy required after the initial consultation. As my daughter is only 12 and her OCD has only recently taken hold, Karen was able to help in just one day session, and so far the therapy has worked wonders. I can't thank Karen enough, and highly recommend anyone suffering with OCD to contact her for help."


Karen is a god-send! Karen is a miracle worker – seriously!

My 16 year old daughter developed OCD over the period of about 6 months – where she went from ‘normal’ behaviour to having to have several showers a day (each lasting over 30 mins), washing her hands umpteen times an hour, not letting clothes touch her bedding or towels/ not letting anything touch her bedding or towels etc etc. The final straw was when she couldn't walk into her own room as she perceived it dirty, reversed up the landing crying and tried again with no success. It was heartbreaking to watch this beautiful teenager changing in front of us into the OCD led world.

We didn't want to go down the medication route and we knew we needed to act fast but most counsellors just do a once a week session – which with an illness like OCD you don't need. You need intensive therapy – you need to understand what has happened to your brain and the science behind it to enable you to move onto ‘normal’ behaviour and being able to recognise OCD thoughts. This is what Karen does.

I found Karen by researching online intensive OCD therapy and her webpage came up. To be fair, I was a little sceptical but from the first hour spent with Karen I knew we had made probably one of the best decisions of our lives.

We spent nearly 3 days with Karen – as the progress my daughter made with her was astounding. Karen doesn't keep you for 5 days and charge you for 5 days if you don't need it.

After 3 days with Karen my daughter was cured – hand on heart cured! My daughter has the odd minor blip when it's stressful but she is OK with that as she knows she can manage it and be ‘normal’ – but she also recognises ICD will never go away - it’s just how she manages it now and how she recognises what are OCD thoughts. The change in her is incredible!

I cannot thank Karen enough as she has given my daughter back to us and allowed my daughter to lead a normal life.

I would highly recommend Karen if you or your child has OCD as her treatment really works!


'We were really desperate as a family due to our 17 year old son's OCD which was running out of control and ruining every aspect of his life. We are just so grateful that we found Karen. She literally saved our family life and rescued our son from the depths of despair. We visited Karen and she immediately put us all at ease and reassured us that she could help with our son's illness. We cannot speak highly enough of Karen's empathy, friendliness and professionalism. Our son's condition immediately improved following Karen's therapy, and after a few ups and downs, his behaviour has returned almost to normal after just a few months. From seriously considering giving up his education, our son has now, following Karen's therapy, just accepted a place at university. We could not have imagined this happening before we met Karen. We would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone with this debilitating condition.'
Kind Regards


When I first contacted Karen I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I couldn't eat or sleep, I couldn't stop crying, and I didn't want to live. OCD had destroyed my life and I felt like there was no escape.
Meeting Karen has been life changing and life-affirming.
Karen is so lovely, warm, kind and compassionate, and I felt so comfortable with her. I really appreciate how open and honest she is about her experience with OCD. Talking openly with someone who could relate to my situation was such a relief. Karen is an expert in her field. She understands what her clients need, and she’s passionate about finding and utilising the most advanced information and resources to ensure a successful recovery. Karen’s extensive and comprehensive knowledge of OCD has allowed me to understand OCD for the first time. I now know that I am not my OCD, and this alone has given me an immense sense of freedom. I feel empowered and the OCD has lost the control it once had.
I can now move forwards knowing that I have the skills, understanding and information I need to support and facilitate my recovery. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I hadn't seen Karen. I really believe that Karen saved my life and I wish I had seen her years ago.
Karen is a truly beautiful woman and a phenomenal therapist. I feel incredibly lucky to have met her, and I am so thankful for all of her continued kindness, compassion and support.


“I contacted Karen when I was in one of my darkest moments. I remember watching her video on her web page before hand and getting a wonderful vibe from her. I had a phone consultation and arranged to go and have some therapy with Karen.
I was extremely anxious and nervous when I arrived at Karen’s house, but I needn't have worried. What a warming, welcoming, caring, empathetic lady. I felt instantly at ease. By the end of the first session, I had started to re route the way my thought process went. That evening I had even fought off some of my OCD impulses. The therapy is so insightful, yet so simplistic and thought provoking. Karen is so incredible at making you see things in a different way and retraining your brain, I even had some laughs along the way. You need to want to recover for the treatment to work and to take it all in because it is intensive. But it does work wonders. I have had to use the tools a lot since I have been home but that’s where the difference is. I am not “cured” of OCD. I am in recovery and the tools that Karen has given me has helped me to live a normal life and hopefully soon, kick the OCD into remission. Karen was very professional but also made you feel like a friend. I can't praise Karen enough and would highly recommend her treatment. You won't regret it.


“Thanks for this week. People told me I was asking for the moon but you're exactly who I was looking for for months. I really appreciate the effort you've put in to help me move forward and the way you work with me is what I need.”


Karen has changed my life, genuinely if it wasn't for her I wouldn't know what I would of done. My OCD was taking over my life at university it was hell, I couldn't function. I mainly suffer from intrusive thoughts, images etc and I never thought I would tell a therapist absolutely everything but with Karen you feel like you can tell her anything and I told her absolutely everything. It’s so reassuring to know that she’s experienced it all and she is so warm and friendly so you're always at ease. I'm convinced I couldn't of got a better therapist, for me it was worth a million pounds. So thank you Karen, I don't dread waking up in the morning anymore and you've given me the confidence I will continue to get through this. Words can never repay back how much you've helped me, you are truly amazing, thank you so much!


I cannot thank Karen enough for her help and support – she has given me my life back. A life that had become stressful, restricted and full of worry as a result of my increasingly demanding OCD. I have only just finished the course but already I have made a great many changes to my life and I had forgotten what joy some of the things I had been avoiding could bring me. It’s made me realise that OCD just isn't worth it. It’s also made me realise that with the right help it really is possible to turn things around.Karen is an incredibly good listener, she doesn't judge and she totally understands what it is like to have OCD. She is also living breathing proof that you can overcome OCD which has given me such confidence.

During the 5 day intensive course I gained a much better understanding of OCD and through the ERP sessions, Karen got me doing all sorts of things that I never thought I could do. She does everything with you and whilst it’s hard work and a little bit scary, it’s also incredibly empowering. It's not all hard work though – I've also had a lot of fun and laughter over the past few days which has made everything so much easier to deal with. I'm so glad I met Karen and I am so grateful for the help she has given me.


There is no magical cure for OCD but what Karen was able to show me was that with what she calls 'a leap of faith' and the four step method there is a way to regain control of your life. When I began the intensive 5 day course that Karen offers I thought I had reached the end but when I finished the course I realised I was at the beginning - the beginning of the road to my recovery. I came away knowing that my recovery would take time and that I would possibly have relapses but I face each day now with a set of mental tools that enables me to challenge my OCD. I found Karen frank and honest but above all compassionate and caring. I would recommend her therapy courses to anyone who is struggling.


I have just embarked on an amazing journey with Karen Buckingham to face my OCD.

Having suffered from this condition for many years, I had reached the point where it had consumed my life and slowly but surely was robbing me of everything I had formerly enjoyed. I just could not contemplate a future and took the decision to research help for OCD on an intensive basis and this is when I came across Karen. To my advantage, she was also local to me. I already knew the only thing that would come close to overcoming my OCD was intensive therapy as previous help I'd received just didn't touch it. One hour a week was not sufficient and had no impact on my condition whatsoever.

On meeting Karen, I found her warm and caring and as a former sufferer, an instant rapport. She knew exactly how I felt and thought. Initially, I was apprehensive and doubted whether I'd be the case she couldn't help. I am delighted to say that this couldn't be further from the truth. In just a few days I feel like I am getting my life back. Just by doing normal everyday things that your average person goes about doing. Things I have been avoiding and enjoying purely because of OCD. I have now learnt what OCD is and have the techniques to see it for what it is.

Thank you Karen. You're an amazing person and I am so pleased I took to the decision to go ahead with the therapy. It has been quite a journey


Karen - Thank you for your kindness, compassion, your time, your care, I shall forever be in your debt. You have been an inspiration and my rock through my darkest moments of late. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


When I contacted Karen, I had been suffering from OCD for over 30 years. During that time, I had tried medication, various private counsellors and an extended course of NHS CBT treatment. I had read several books about OCD treatment approaches, and I had a thorough understanding of the theory behind treating the condition. However, none of this helped me to overcome my OCD. I felt utterly trapped and my hope of living a 'normal' life again was virtually non-existent. My condition was so severe that I had to give up a successful career because my checking rituals made it impossible to leave the house. My family life suffered dreadfully and I also became physically unwell due to lack of sleep and complete exhaustion from checking rituals.

I couldn't see a way out of my OCD prison; every strategy I'd tried in the past had made no impact on my condition. A friend found out about Karen's intensive 5 day treatment course and urged me to go for an initial consultation. I was very sceptical and I was sure that she wouldn't be able to help me. However, I was in such a desperate state that I felt like I had nothing left to lose.

As soon as I met Karen, I found her warm and friendly but also very knowledgeable about OCD. She was confident that she could help me. Furthermore, Karen had suffered from severe OCD herself and so she has a complete insight into how powerful and debilitating the condition can be. I still wasn't instantly convinced that she would be able to help me, but I was inspired and intrigued by the fact that she had managed to treat her own OCD.

I began my 5 day intensive course with absolute dread. I was certain that I wouldn't be able to face ERP treatment. However, Karen was so caring, knowledgeable and confident about her approach that I began to trust her. Incredibly, after 2 days at Karen's house, learning about how my OCD could be challenged, I was able to embark on ERP in my own home. Karen supported me every step of the way and once my ERP got underway, I was able to successfully challenge my OCD in ways that would have seemed impossible just days earlier. After 4 days, my OCD and anxiety levels had reduced hugely. It felt like I'd been given the keys to my OCD prison and I was free to start living my life again.

Karen continued to support my recovery over the next few weeks with follow up visits to my home and follow up phone calls. I now have so many strategies for tackling my OCD that if I feel the anxiety levels rising again, I know what to do and how to deal with it.

Karen is an incredible person who has given me my life back. She tailors her treatment to your specific needs and she makes sure that she really understands your condition. I'd lost hope of ever conquering my OCD and I didn't think anyone could help me, but Karen genuinely understood what I was going through and she had the capacity to help me - even though I'd suffered for 30 years!


"Karen, I have found this experience meeting you the most helpful I have ever had. You have been so kind and patient, I couldn't have felt the way I do without you. You are so knowledgeable and influential and I have found you very empowering. I love the atmosphere in your house and obviously Phoebe! ( pussy cat) It's been so easy to talk to you too. Couldn't be more happy to have met you."

Love Megan xxxx

"Since I was diagnosed with OCD when I was eleven years old, over the past eight years I have been told many different things about what OCD actually is and how best to deal with it. A variety of opinions coming from doctors, three different psychiatrists and psychologists I saw over this time, family, friends, books about OCD, other people I met who suffered/overcame OCD. All this information filled my head and made me more confused about what OCD really is the more time I suffered it. I believe this is a major reason why my OCD progressed and got worse, because I never knew or understood what it was. This was until I decided I needed to do something about the OCD, before it completely took over my life.

This is where Karen comes in. Karen was the first person in eight years that taught me what OCD really is and therefore how best to face the OCD. I was initially very nervous and worried before I met Karen; my main fear being that it would be that my OCD was so far developed and ingrained, that I thought it was too late to stop it. However after the first day of the intensive week with Karen this fear had gone and was replaced with hope. I was learning what OCD really was and when you know what something really is then you can be best equipped to face it.

I couldn't recommend Karen enough, as this may sound exaggerated, but honestly Karen helped me change my life around within a week. Which I had tried to do with various doctors and medications for the past eight years. Over the week Karen supported me every step of the way has carried on to be there whenever I need it. She understood me better than any doctors I had previously seen because she has gone through the same thing and is proof that OCD can be dealt with. She was also honest and realistic with me. I felt extremely safe and comfortable with Karen, even though she challenged me, which made the whole week that bit easier.

I can now safely say OCD does not rule my life anymore and I now have the freedom both in my actions, but most importantly inside my head, which I never had before, as I was trapped by the OCD. I cannot thank Karen enough for this, it’s only been a month since I met Karen, but I am already enjoying life more than I ever did. The change in my life is more than could ever have dreamt for.

All I can say is thank you Karen for giving me my life back."


"Having suffered from OCD since the age of 8 on a subclinical level I suddenly found myself rapidly spiraling out of control, (boredom being the trigger), confining myself to a covert mess of scrupulosity OCD and depression, often losing up to 3 hours a day repeating the same compulsions over and over again.

Originally, I took a rather naïve approach towards CBT, believing that medication was the only solution to my problem. However, after only one day of the intensive course I found myself without depression and lost the underlying guilt feeling, by day 2 and 3 I began to discover the delight of my anxiety levels dropping, having overcome and ignored my compulsions. Thanks to Karen’s brilliant ability to get inside my head, (other therapists didn't come close to the relating and understanding the condition specifically to me), I began to understand and rationalize my thought processes as I stepped into the world of ERP.

I was surprised how the content of the course was so specific to the individual, as Karen was able to adapt numerous cognitive techniques specific to my OCD This enabled me to rationalize and overcome compulsions, which eventually helped dampen the obsessive thoughts, which, prior to the course, ran wild in my head almost all day. Gaining an understanding of the neurological causes of OCD through the course, I was able to see how applying the techniques actually helped rewire those ‘faulty neural pathways’.

This course is really worth it! It’s so rare to find someone who is genuinely passionate about helping people with the condition, and having first hand experience.

Don't feel apprehensive about calling! Karen’s bright personality is one which you can warm to very quickly, and it’s nice to know that someone so understanding is always there for support!

Karen saved my life and I hate to think what position I would be in if I hadn't taken the course. In just 5 days I went from the lowest point in my life, to feeling incredibly liberated and back to even better than my normal self, being able to continue with normal day life without walking backwards and forwards, or repeatedly picking up objects. Others have noticed how much more controlled and calmer I've become, making social situations so much more comfortable and relaxed. Karen has made OCD become less of an embarrassing tick to more of a symbol of triumph. I feel my energy levels and happiness have also dramatically increased.

To anyone reading, I would really suggest catching your OCD before it goes from Overt compulsions, (external compulsions, e.g. touching objects), to Covert, (Pure ‘O’, e.g. repeating thoughts and more internal compulsions), although if you are at this stage (as I was), there’s no one better to pull you out than Karen! The unique thing about this course is that you are really left with those Eureka moments, which drop both OCD, and anxiety levels down from 90% to 15%.

Karen, thank you so much."


"Before I made the decision to go and see Karen at the OCD Therapy Clinic, I was quite nervous and worried about the idea of dealing with the thoughts and feelings I was having. I had not ever had therapy before and so it felt like a very difficult challenge that lay ahead. It was only after 'taking the plunge' that I realised there was absolutely nothing to worry about. The 'worry' it turned out is exactly what the OCD is. I wasn't even aware that it had in fact been OCD that has been my problem for over twenty years! Having just spent four days with Karen I feel that it has been the best decision of my life. I have learned so much about what OCD is and does to people who have OCD. Karen was so caring and understanding I felt I could tell her anything...and I did! I would without hesitation recommend this therapy and Karen to anyone who is struggling with OCD even if you're not sure that it is OCD. Please don't feel that you are weird, different or on your own...YOU ARE NOT! It will change your life for the better."
Thank you Karen!


"Karen is a amazing OCD therapist. In fact I have really no words to describe how well she has helped me. I have suffered from OCD for around 3 years. At its worst it was diagnosed severe. But after getting therapy from Karen I have been doing really well in fact so well I have nearly got rid of it! To be honest I don't think OCD deserves to be called OCD my name for it is WAZ which is an acronym which stands for weird a## sh1t. Karen has helped me from spending 2 hours just washing my hands once to just 12 seconds and much much much more It has taken a lot of acceptance and a lot of struggles to get to where I am today. Over a period of time I decided that I was not going to let this horrendous beast ruin my life. So I stood up and fought it face on and it got me to where i am today. Karen has helped me through my whole journey and even though I live around 5,400 miles away she still contacts me to see how I am. I have also been to lots of other therapists but only one worked which was Karen. I cannot thank her enough for helping me through such hard times." Amy xxxx :)


"Thank you so much for my therapy. I feel I can go home and become the real ‘Beth’. I will never forget this experience and can honestly say you have saved me before I became a person that I didn't know. I have taken on board everything you have taught me and will definitely put this into practice when I get home.
I can't thank you enough!"


"When OCD struck It was as if I was living in a nightmare, I found out that my suffering was caused by OCD and I wanted to treat it and learn to cope with it, l was fortunate to meet Karen, whose experience, patience and understanding of my condition meant that I was never going to be on my own in attempting to rid myself of this horrible condition. She gave me the tools and techniques to fight this condition and I am so grateful to her for that."


“Karen Buckingham really gets into your head and helps you think what is happening, what you are doing and that you need to STOP! Karen will say to you step by step to stop one thing at a time what you are doing. It is hard at first but you really need to trust her and it will get easier. I had OCD but with the support of Karen I have almost got rid of it. It might still be there a little bit but there will always be a little left in your soul, but if I didn't have someone like Karen I would still have OCD and it would be A LOT WORSE! So thank you so much, you don't know how much you have helped me."


"I had made a number of attempts to overcome my OCD including various therapy sessions through the NHS and private hospitals, which only brought short term relief from the OCD and over time it would return often worse than it was before. At its height we would cancel holidays or weekends away as I could not leave the house. After another unhelpful session of therapy, my wife found Karen’s details on line and after a long chat over the phone I agreed to meet Karen for an assessment. It was very clear to me from the outset that Karen fully understood what I was going through and made a number of observations that no one else had ever made in any of the sessions I had had over the years.

It started with a 5 day intensive course, a day visit to our home and then regular sessions over the phone with some involving an hour’s ERP or others simply talking over my week, the good things and the not so good things finishing up by re emphasising the tools that Karen had taught me to deal with the OCD.

Karen was so welcoming and supportive right from the start and instinctively I knew that we would get on well together, which is saying something as I can be suspicious of new people I meet and do not say much. Karen had suffered from OCD and recovered and had a full understanding of what was going on, something I now know with hindsight the previous therapists I had met didn't. Karen explained OCD in ways I had never thought of before and it just became so much clearer, as did her conviction that you can beat OCD and get your life back. Everyone has thoughts and you will still have your negative thoughts but Karen will teach you how to deal with them, refocus, relax and get on with the things you enjoy doing.

I enjoy our weekly phone sessions, though some of the ERP is hard, such as leaving the house with the front door open (with my wife still in the house of course) bearing in mind I am a checker and like to be safe, but I know it’s good for me and you need to practice everyday. We also have a laugh, which I think is very important if you are an OCD sufferer. It is hard work and to be honest you have to expect that if you have suffered from OCD for the number of years that I have, but with Karen you are in excellent hands and she gets very excited by the prospect of helping you make a full recovery I would thoroughly recommend an intensive course to anyone followed by a visit if that will help your particular OCD and then regular top-up’s as I call them (phone sessions) as it’s not all plain sailing and as Karen says there will be days when the OCD is not so good because you are tired or have high anxiety or depression caused by work or other life issues.

I am sure you will have doubts, but we all have these so just ignore them and as soon as you meet Karen they will disappear and you won't regret it."


I have known for about 10 years that I have had OCD, I struggled to find the right help, to find someone who actually knew what was going on and understood the disorder. After many years of battling with my OCD I came to crisis point. I had had enough of fighting and just wanted to give up and get out of this world. At this point I was taken on by the mental health team but unfortunately even the social worker was clueless about my type of OCD – purely obsessional OCD – intrusive thoughts. I struggled initially to get her to understand that the thoughts I was having were not thoughts I wanted to act on – the complete opposite in fact! Eventually after doing a lot of research myself and giving her all the information I finally got to see a psychiatrist who confirmed I did in fact have OCD. I was so relieved but so disheartened that they wouldn't offer me a great deal of therapy. In desperation I searched the net to try and find a specialist who could help me. This is when I found out about the OCD therapy clinic. I was really nervous and scared about making the initial point of contact but when I spoke to Karen and explained everything that had gone on she was absolutely brilliant. To hear the words “I understand I had OCD too” was such a comfort, a revolution! I had finally found someone that did indeed understand. A few weeks later I went up to start my 1-1 5 day intensive therapy course. I was so scared and so nervous about it all, I started doubting if I was strong enough to do it, I took a leap of faith and I did it. The 5 day intensive course was absolutely brilliant, I learnt about how the brain works and about the disorder. We challenged the OCD and I challenged myself. The relationship I built up with Karen was one of complete trust, filled with laughter and a few tears! But it was worth it, it was worth the money and it was worth my time. A few weeks on and I am feeling much more confident about my future, I am hoping to do a creative writing course in the hope that one day I shall write my own book. I am also hoping to do level 3 mental health and social care in order to learn more about mental health and I am looking forward to embarking on this new journey. My OCD has not disappeared it is still there, recovery doesn't happen overnight and there is no magical cure for it but with the right help, support , understanding and the right tools in place I have learnt to manage it and because I no longer fear it so much it no longer has that power over me. If I had not have gone for therapy at the OCD therapy clinic I would hate to think where I would be – or rather, where I would not be. Looking back I can see how far I have come and I am glad I am still here, ready to take on new challenges, I still have occasional off days but I now have the tools, the backup and the skills to overcome it. What I would say to anyone who is struggling and is apprehensive about making that initial phone call to Karen is DO IT! It will be something that you won't regret and each and every one of us deserves to be happy, OCD is LIAR and you can get through this with the right help and support at the OCD therapy clinic. And remember “you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”


"OCD was destroying my marriage, my relationships, my work, me…everything. I had tried counsellors, group meetings, anti-depression drugs, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, self-help books and none of them had even helped in the slightest. I felt so low and couldn't imagine living like this any longer.

I work overseas and travel a lot, so the idea of starting some sort of weekly therapy again was not even an option for me…I needed something intensive. I found Karen’s website and immediately felt very encouraged to read that Karen had dealt personally with OCD and knew exactly what it feels like. Not only that, but she is managing to control her OCD and it was not distressing her anymore. I started to read the testimonials and felt such a huge relief that I had found this website. I was overwhelmed by all the people’s experiences – never before had I seen anything so encouraging related to OCD. These were real people’s stories with great successes.

So a couple of skype calls later, with dodgy internet connection in the Caribbean, I was able to book a one to one 5 day intensive course. Karen was so accommodating with my job situation and schedule, I couldn't have asked for a more caring therapist, and so I flew back to the UK relatively quickly and started the 5 days.

Karen gave me a completely different outlook to OCD that I had never thought of before. Within hours I was using her techniques to make small changes…and it was working. The encouragement you have when you work so closely and intensively with a therapist was beyond my expectations. Just having that support from someone who really knew what you were thinking and feeling was amazing. Everyday I was learning more and feeling better – I now had a completely different understanding of OCD and how to control it.

I am now back at work and feeling so much better than I ever expected I would feel ever again. It is hard work but when you see and feel the results it gives you so much more confidence that you can finally be the one in control.

Karen was fantastic. She made me feel so comfortable that I felt we were old friends chatting – some people just have that unique way about them I suppose. I was able to open up and be honest with Karen as I knew she was sharing her personal experiences and challenges with me too.

2 weeks later I feel about 80% in control of my OCD, which is incredible. Everyday I am working hard and seeing changes for the better. My husband and co-workers have noticed a huge difference in my behaviour and persona…and I feel so much calmer than I have ever done before. There are situations that are testing me constantly, but I now have the tools to deal with this. Everyday I am controlling the OCD more and more. I am starting to enjoy life again!"


With a condition as crafty and complex as OCD, you really need a highly experienced therapist to help you. Karen Buckingham, without a doubt, is not just highly experienced, but also one of the most well read and compassionate professionals in her field, both in the UK and around the world. Through a combination of videos, note-taking, cognitive behavioural therapy, and exposure response prevention activities, she truly delivers a comprehensive, in-depth course which gives you all the primary skills you need to manage OCD for life. Truly, the 5-day program is an eye-opening, life changing experience. As a 19 year old student, I'm obviously in a pretty stressful period of my life. With deadlines, assignments, and the pressure of university applications, who wouldn't stress out occasionally? In the last two years, I began to develop intrusive thoughts as a result of this stress – I initially had no idea what they were, and became severely depressed and anxious by them. After three months of almost completely failing to function socially or academically, I finally discovered after looking online that I suffered from OCD. Immediately, this lifted some of the stress, now that I knew I wasn't crazy or insane. However, I never fully understood how to grasp them, with the multitude of conflicting reports on the Internet making it hard to find a template of dealing with them. So while on good days I was able to ignore them, every few months I would have a relapse where I just didn't know how to get rid of them. The more I tried to block them out, the more they would return. Finally, I decided to seek professional help, which after researching online, just so happened to be from the one and only Karen herself. Honestly, it’s been one of the best decisions I've ever made! Karen immediately dispels any fears or misunderstanding you have about OCD: no, having these thoughts does not mean you would ever act on them, and that you are not a worst person for having these thoughts. The core of her teachings is based on the deceptively simple yet infinitely useful acronym LIAR: Label, Ignore, Accept, and Refocus. Unlike other therapists or online sources, Karen thoroughly explains the meaning behind each of these steps, leaving you 100% certain of their benefits. Additionally, Karen taught me not only how to manage, but also to accept my anxiety, decreasing my resistance to my thoughts (not the content…but the actual thought process itself!) so that they no longer severely affected my functioning. Additionally, Karen also helped me uncover issues with my mood and emotions as well; her personal and unique approach often results in her uncovering comorbid symptoms alongside the OCD. By the end of the course, you'll truly have learnt absolutely everything you wanted to know about OCD and then some! Additionally, Karen herself simply has an amazing personality and treatment style which helps your healing process tremendously. While she possesses an extensive knowledge of the field surpassing that of most psychologists, and is highly focused and methodical in her teachings, she also treats you in a very personal and intimate manner which makes her advice immediately carry more relevance and weight. All her teachings are carried out in a studio within her home as well, further strengthening the mutual bond of trust that you'll feel as you work to solve your issues together. She also includes significant diversity in the way she teaches you as well – using numerous methods such as power points, flash cards, personal anecdotes, and even some inspired outdoor exercises in which you will have to face and overcome your OCD ‘fears’ – so as to enhance and enforce your learning experience. As I write this, I am truly filled with joy as I recall the wonderful journey of discovery I embarked upon. Through Karen’s care and guidance, I have become mindfully aware of my own thoughts and emotions in ways that I could never have imagined before. Now, I can finally accept myself for who I am – a flawed but valuable human being, who can stand strong and survive in the face of hardship and adversity. I may not be 100% perfect, but no one is – that’s precisely what makes us human. Undoubtedly, I will always remember and cherish Karen’s teachings for many years to come.


"Thank you for all your support and guidance over the past 10 months. I have found great strength through the things you have taught me – how to reflect on positive affirmations, both from those who I love and myself. You are a great inspiration who has shown by example that freedom from OCD is possible. Thank you."


Carers Testimonies

When we arrived at Karen's house on Monday morning for the first day of my husbands intensive 5 day therapy I was his carer. He was unable to function at all without having me by his side. By the end of that day he was a different man. A man with hope where before he had none. The course challenged him but taught him that there was life beyond his OCD. I was included in every step of his recovery and it helped me to understand what he was going through and to be able to support him in the correct way. Karen was so wonderful, welcoming and easy to be around, she made everything seem possible. By the end of my husbands therapy he no longer needed a carer and he continues to improve everyday by implementing all he has learnt from Karen. I don't know where we would be today if it wasn't for Karen and all of her support then and continued support now. It was the best decision we have ever made.

Niki - May 2016

"I would like to say thank you to Karen for the huge difference she has made to our family's life. Our teenage son's OCD involved the fear of contamination which made family life fraught, unpredictable and chaotic. Planning family outings became virtually impossible and eventually stopped. We 'functioned' and 'managed' at this level for 18 months with OCD and it's associated stress and tension ruling the household before we met Karen. She completely dispelled the fear of OCD and gave us all a reality check. We were able to laugh at OCD and the sessions we had with Karen were open and honest which helped us as parents immensely. For far too long we had been afraid of triggering OCD by saying or doing the wrong thing. Karen gave us an understanding of OCD through a powerpoint presentation and videos. She taught us techniques of how to confront it rationally. Most of all she gave us support and in doing so gave us the confidence that enabled us to break out of the cycle that OCD had trapped us in. Our son's recovery has been remarkably quick and if we do have the occasional blip we revert back to Karen's techniques. Our son has learnt to take personal responsibility for his OCD and although he has our support and help with difficulties we no longer enable OCD to operate in our home. As a result we have a happy 'normal' family again. Thank you.

Mrs P

“My husband has been suffering from OCD for at least 28 years and it gradually got worse over time. Luckily he recognised that he had OCD and did seek help from the NHS & a private clinic, the therapy helped a bit but it was short lived. I found Karen online and it was after attending her course and having one to one sessions that he has started to manage his OCD properly. He learnt more about OCD and also gained more of an understanding of the drugs that can help, most importantly he has learnt how to manage his compulsions and the importance of facing his fears. He is a totally different person to the one he was 18 months ago, he is much happier, does not get into moods or have tantrums anymore, from not wanting to leave our home we have now booked a holiday in South Africa. Karen treats my husband as an individual and uses therapy that is designed solely for him, rather than the therapy he received before which was more “text book”. He respects her as he knows from suffering with OCD herself she understands him and most importantly the therapy that he has received for her has worked.”


"We came to meet Karen after many years of my daughter struggling with mental health illness. Ocd and bipolar alongside anxiety and other things. Karen opened a whole new window of life to our very sad world, which was caused by my daughter's illness. She offered kindness, patience and understanding, along with her knowledge and understanding of ocd; enabling us to move forward in life and not let the illness take control of our family. I am forever grateful and will always remember her lovely smile."

Brigette x x

"Thank you very much for all that you have done for us this week! We both have the tools to make Beth’s life normal and for us to have a better relationship. The work you do is phenomenal and we are now empowered to move forward!"

Love Rebecca

"I attended the OCD clinic with my 21 yr old son as I felt it was important as a parent to fully understand the condition and know best how to help and support him at home. We attended a one to one course of treatment for four days with Karen as she felt this was the right length of treatment for my son who suffers with obsessive thoughts and rumination.My son had had private CBT counselling in the past which I had only minimal involvement so to be fully involved with this was absolutely invaluable. The sessions were interesting, informative and so relevant to my son’s particular problems. I felt myself relating to everything that Karen said and it is so clear that she fully understands the condition as she has experienced it herself. She understands how hard it can be for family members to handle the situation and she gave me the tips and tools to use to help my son put into practise everything he learnt. It is so important to know how to do this so as not to 'feed' the condition which only keeps it going or makes it worse. I now know, without doubt, how to support him in overcoming his OCD. It has also been so helpful to talk to Karen on the follow up phone sessions to confirm I am handling things well. For anyone who has a family member with this condition I cannot recommend enough this line of treatment as it has left me empowered to work with Karen’s teaching to give the very best help to my son."


"Thank goodness we found you Karen. Our daughter developed OCD as a result, we believe, of bullying at school. She is by nature an anxious and very sensitive child who fell under the spell of OCD as a coping mechanism. This became very stressful for me and my wife, and although we tried to understand and help our daughter combat her compulsive behaviour we soon realised we were way out of our depth and needed professional help. We sent her to see a child psychologist, who had been recommended, and for a while there was some improvement, but she always slipped back into the clutches of OCD and we wondered if we would ever be free of it. Then another friend recommended Karen Buckingham. The recommendation was well founded as our friend’s son was a sufferer too and was now “free” and able to cope after having been to the clinic. The big difference is that Karen is a fellow sufferer, and as such, she has been just where you are now. She knows just how difficult it is to unshackle yourself of all the anxiety and stress of OCD. Karen has done just that though, she has unshackled herself, and is extremely capable of passing on these skills she has learned and developed to deal with it. What’s more she is keen to share these skills and techniques with us, the parents, so that we can continue to battle the condition at home. Knowledge is power and Karen is extremely keen to share her knowledge and self-experience in order to empower you. Our daughter is back to her old self now thanks to Karen and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Karen for your warmth, perseverance, hospitality and skill. We appreciate it immensely."

Anne & Richard

“My husband and I were at our wits end with our 12 year old daughter who was almost out of control with OCD. Her obsessions and abnormal habits were literally driving us crazy. Although we tried to stay calm and supportive we knew we needed professional help for our daughter. Well Karen Buckingham is your lady! My husband researched the internet and established Karen was nearby, we made our first family appointment and haven't looked back. Karen gave us reassurance, trust and the light and guidance knowing our daughter could deal with OCD. Don't think therapy is easy you have to trust Karen and deal with the issue yourself however; her true honest and professional skills will get you through something that is ruining your life. Our daughter responded to therapy very quickly and using the tools and guidance provided by Karen we were thrilled to see our daughter beginning to enjoy and cope with everyday issues in a much more “normal” manner. Our daughter used to conduct and rehearse rituals which have now been eradicated and my husband and I are so relieved to see our daughter leading a much more normal life. There are occasions when our daughter may show signs of a new OCD trait and as parents we have been given the tools to deal with these mannerisms accordingly. Without Karen’s help I know our family lifestyle would be in a stressful horrible mess. Thank you for everything Karen Best Regards

Karen x