"Karen gave me a completely different outlook to OCD that I had never thought of before. Within hours I was using her techniques to make small changes…and it was working"

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OCD Intensive Treatment

Even though you have OCD you are also an individual in your own right with different preferences. In my experience many clients prefer a one to one approach were the focus is entirely on them and others prefer a group option where they can meet fellow sufferers and build relationships. There are advantages to both options.

Intensive treatment

Why the Intensive approach?

Intensive treatment is becoming more and more popular and not just for OCD. There are several therapist and organisations conducting workshops and group therapy work for various other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma. I believe this makes good therapeutic sense. Therapy is an education. When treating severe OCD a one hour or 50 mins session once a week in a therapy room doesn’t tend to be enough as the client needs educating about their disorder and challenged behaviourally.

Speaking from an OCD perspective the client’s behaviour has become so habitual it’s gone beyond cognition and they are operating on autopilot. With OCD we are describing neurological changes that need to be corrected. This will involve re-educating the brain via their behaviour both cognitively and behaviourally. One hour a week is only peeling back the plaster and by the time they have spent another whole week away from therapy the wound has started to fester again and the plaster is sealed back on again.

Anyone who has had this type of therapy for OCD will understand what I mean by this analogy. Clients intuitively know one hour a week isn't enough to reinstate healthier behaviours unless they have had intensive treatment before and are able to implement self-help treatment. In my observation when intensive treatment has been successfully implemented the client experiences faster and longer effective results. Plus the sooner the client begins effective therapy the sooner the client will recover; to the point if OCD is caught early enough the client can experience total remission of symptoms.

An additional advantage of attending specialised intensive treatment is that it works out to be more cost effective in the long run.

Carers one to one counselling

Sometimes the sufferer is resistant to wanting therapy and refuses to embark on any therapeutic programme. This can make the carer feel powerless, alone and frustrated. The carers themselves are suffering. My philosophy is when you understand something you are more equipped to deal with it. I will be pleased to explore and help you in your struggle to understand the condition and support implementation of boundaries around OCD.

* Hourly treatment sessions

If a client has mild OCD or has had previous CBT therapy or is able to do exposure behaviour work on their own, then hourly sessions can work very well and I'm happy to accommodate this.

Bespoke Intensive Treatment Packages