The Key Management Skills for Life Programme is a proven fast effective approach to conquering OCD.

It will support you to be well and stay well!

"Education is the key! When you understand something you no longer fear it!"

OCD Therapy Clinic

OCD Therapy Programmes

Brief summary of the Intensive Therapy Programme.

Combating OCD is about management of the disorder. “You can't have OCD if you don't do OCD!”

Education and Understanding

Knowledge is all powerful. Understanding your condition will help you to accept, observe and diffuse yourself from your suffering. I will guide you through a powerpoint presentation that will enlighten you about OCD which in turn will support your understanding and therapeutic process.

Cognitive Reframing

An important part of the therapy is cognitive education. ‘When you understand something you no longer fear it.’ It has been proven through brain scans that the way we talk to ourselves has an influence on how our brains respond, proven by different areas of the brain lighting up when emotional arousal has been triggered through our perception of what we are seeing, thinking and hearing. Therefore by collaborating together and challenging your perception and then setting you up with new ‘rational statements’ and ‘anchors’ will ultimately support new responses.


OCD is a behavioural problem. It is essential that Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) is conducted. This generally means you are exposed to your fear and taught to refrain from doing your usual rituals. This is not as hard as you THINK it will be. After all rationally you don't want to do your behaviours but you have become so embroiled with them it's difficult to stop. However I will teach you beneficial and empowering coping strategies that will allow you to know you do have a choice and the fear you are experiencing is all in your head and a nasty habit that can be fixed.

Mindful Awareness

OCD is habitual in its very nature. This means, you have become accustomed to doing ritualistic behaviours without realising it. Developing mindful awareness is central to supporting you back to wellness.


Enlightening you that your neurological habitual brain can change will give you the confidence that there is hope.

LifeStyle and Relapse Prevention

OCD is exacerbated by stress and boredom. Management of your OCD will involve looking closely at what stressors need attending to in order to live a healthier life.


Introducing you to the benefit of relaxation and calming techniques. I will work with you to experiment with some relaxation and calming techniques which will help to support your well-being by calming the emotional arousal down so you can become more rational to your false beliefs and ideas.

Low self esteem

OCD is also known as the doubting disease. This can have a huge influence on your confidence and lead to low self-esteem. Learning how to develop High Frustration Tolerance will ultimately help with confidence issues. Encouragement and practising like skills is another integral part of the treatment programme.

Carers, Family and Friends

OCD Therapy Clinic

OCD is a systemic disorder; it can affect the whole family. It’s crucial that carers understand the disorder to be able to fully support the sufferer accordingly. Where appropriate I encourage a family member(s) or a friend to attend the treatment programme so we are all on the same page together and fighting the same war which is to eliminate OCD.

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Delivery of Treatment

OCD Therapy Clinic

The day will begin at 10 am and we aim to finish at 4 pm. The first 2 days will involve educating you about the disorder via a powerpoint presentation. Once you have enough understanding and knowledge we will then put into practice what you have learnt. This will be about getting into the real world and learning to practice new techniques. The last day will be bringing it all together, reflecting on what you have accomplished and yes everyone does achieve and taking a closer look at your lifestyle and what changes need to be made to help benefit you.

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