"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it's about what you inspire others to do."

"Perhaps Karen's greatest strength is her personal understanding of OCD. Having suffered and got control over both contamination and harm OCD, Karen really knows how we OCD sufferers feel. It was inspirational to hear her describe how her OCD used to control her and how she got control. Her OCD is very similar to mine, and it was really helpful to hear my thought processes said aloud to me. Doing ERP with her is easier because you know she never underestimates your fears and therefore the courage you are using to face them." (Anne)

How experience can humble and enlighten

My philosophy and approach:

“I want to empower and inspire you to become who you were meant to be. You are more than your condition. I see myself as a temporary guide who will chaperon you back to wellness. I suffered for such a long time with no guidance; I was lost in the darkness of OCD alone and afraid. Please believe it doesn't have to be this way."

Take the leap of faith and call me. What have you got to lose?

"OCD is a condition that can be overcome. What you need for your recovery is the correct therapeutic tools, techniques and support. If I become your therapist you won't be on your own as I know from a deep personal level how destructive that situation can be. I have discovered and learnt so much in terms of conquering OCD and I feel passionate about sharing it with you. You don't need to suffer alone. I can help you with your suffering."

Please refer to the Testimonies

Being a therapist

I never planned to be a therapist. My life as an OCD sufferer changed that. Years ago I made a promise to myself… “If I ever recover from this insidious, crafty and deceptive condition called OCD, I will vow to make it my life’s ambition to help others who share the same kind of struggles.”

A client’s mother said to me “Thank god Karen has suffered with OCD because it has enabled her to help my daughter.” With comments like that, it’s a reminder I am fulfilling my objective and dream.


I am utterly passionate about sharing my knowledge with you and supporting you back to wellness. For me it’s more than a job. It’s a vocation with rewards that reaches into my soul and makes all the hardship and hard work worth it. When I hear from countless clients who have benefitted from the therapy they have received, I am touched and my heart glows with delight.

Call me

Please don't be ashamed or define yourself by this condition. You are more than a label. You have to trust and be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. I will support you but I can't do it for you. If you are ready to take the leap of faith, trust and implement my teachings, then you are ready for therapy.

On a final note, I wish to share with you that my life was so confined by OCD and depression it took me to a place where I didn't want to live anymore. I have been there! I know how OCD can grip you and rob you of your life. I am living proof it doesn't have to be this way. For me it’s been a journey of discovery. I want to share my knowledge and findings with you so you can live a life that supports you back to you again.

My Philosophy towards therapeutic treatment of OCD

Most therapists understand it’s the relationship that heals. This is really central to my work but also a privilege and joy. The therapist and client relationship is very special and it’s all about you. I want to know what interests you, what inspires you, your preferences, your fears, your joys and accomplishments as this really helps me to connect with you and gives me information on how best to support you. My approach is very humanistic and I’m not afraid to have fun and laugh. I want you to feel you can open up and approach me about your concerns and I want to help you accept yourself for who you are. I like to think of myself as a temporary guide who will inspire you to find and fulfil your true potential.

New beginnings

In 2010 my former colleague and I set up a 5 day intensive programme to treat OCD. Over the years we have developed and grown and have decided to branch out and advance our work individually. I am really excited to be able to have the flexibility to tailor the therapeutic treatment to suit you individually without the constraints of other influences.

How to choose an effective therapist to treat OCD

When dealing with mental health issues, one should always take the highest precautions when looking for help. The internet is full of claims for miracle cures. Unfortunately Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a complicated and complex condition the therapist needs to know the disorder extremely well. It is not a “one size fits all” condition and can rarely be treated successfully by these so called miracle cures (and quick intensive fixes). The intensive treatment is the beginning and fundamental foundation to your recovery, you will need to adhere and practise every day until it becomes your new way of living. The therapy programme works; my clients and I are testimony to this, but you must be prepared to commit everyday to make the necessary changes for your continual well being. In time, like anything you practice it will get easier and you will see the irrational OCD for what it really is.

When choosing your therapist to help you with your illness, you should always follow some simple guidelines:

  • Check out their credentials. Do they belong to a recognised ethical body?
  • How experienced are they at treating OCD?
  • Have they had first-hand personal experience of OCD?
  • What type of therapy do they use?
  • What is their theory of training?
  • What is their success rate?
  • Do they conduct exposure response prevention techniques?
  • Are they prepared to visit you in your own environment?


  • Fully qualified in 2006 with a BACP Accredited Advanced Diploma in Counselling at the prestigious Iron Mill Institute in Exeter.
  • 2009 - Creative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma.
  • 2006 – To present: I have attended several continual professional development workshops and seminars relevant to my work. I am passionate about my profession and furthering my understanding and effectiveness through research reading and supervision.
  • In addition I have facilitated presentations on OCD for sufferers, students and qualified professional counsellors.
  • I adhere to the BACP Ethics for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I am a officially recognised BACP practitioner.

OCD Therapy Clinic
OCD Therapy Clinic

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"I never planned to be a therapist. My life as an OCD sufferer changed that. Years ago I made a promise to myself… “If I ever recover from this insidious, crafty and deceptive condition called OCD, I will vow to make it my life’s ambition to help others who share the same kind of struggles.”